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MEC Panama provides worldwide customers with shipyard extended solutions.

It is the mission of the entire staff of MEC Panama to provide the best value in ship repairs on the North and South American continents. Our goal is to provide proper ship repairs at a reasonable price, in a predictable and agreed allotted time, at an acceptable level of quality.

Customer satisfaction can ONLY be achieved by value and our formula for value is pretty simple:



MECPanama is a profit company incorporated in Panama since 1999. Today our operations include seven dry docks at our facilities located at Balboa Shipyards and Veracruz.

MEC's main area of expertise is Ship Repair Services. During our more than 11 years of experience, the company has performed very demanding works, including: Afloat Ship Repairs, Permanent Dry Ship Repairs, Temporary Underwater Repairs, Permanent Underwater Repairs, Ship Bow Thruster Repairs, Crane Repairs, Mechanical Ship Repairs and Dry Docking Repairs.


Our History

MEC, under the name Marine Pollution Prevention & Consulting Services (MARPOL) started operations in 1999, with the aim of providing pollution control services in Panama. However, the company very soon became aware of the lack of cost effective and high quality ship repair services in Panama and the urgent need to provide ship repair solutions to vessels transiting the Panama Canal. In 2002, the company was thrilled with the name of the company, associated with the MARPOL convention, a real distraction to customers of our ship repair services. Therefore the company decided to change the name to MARINE ENGINEERS CORPORATION (PANAMA) INC, or MEC, as we are known by our returning customers.


During these years, MEC started to promote its services around the world, offering ship repair services to the ship owners calling at the ports of Panama and of the Region. By the year 2005, the company was solidly established as one of the main ship repair companies in the Central American region. Also by the end of the year 2005, the company started to work with the Panamax Dry Dock Facility and Braswell Shipyard both owned by the Panamanian Government and managed by the Braswell family.


The company very quickly became the main contractor of the shipyard, servicing the three dry docks of the facility and gaining valuable experience as a shipyard repair service company. By the end of 2007, the company had decided to become a shipyard on its own and started on the path to achieving this goal.


The company continued to work as a sub-contractor at the shipyard facility, but began operating several small shipyard facilities on a lease basis. The main ones were the Canal’s facility in Mount Hope, which had a capacity for vessels 120 meters in length and 20 meters in breadth, and the former Astilleros Veracruz International, a slip way shipyard facility located on the Pacific Side of the Panama Canal, with a similar capacity to the the Panama Canal facility on the Atlantic.


Almost 11 years after founding of the company and the first repair services, MEC was able to buy the Veracruz facility and, on March 15, 2010, started operations in the new shipyard, with the entrance of a 700 ton small supply tanker vessel. Today, the company still carries out the afloat repairs that continue to be our customer’s main requirement, but is in the process of upgrading the Veracruz shipyard to service vessels 150 meters in length and to have, in the next 3 years, a Panamax pier facility.


Our Technical Team

David Cohen, Naval Architect with 25 years experience on Structural Steel Repairs, Commercial Diving, and Salvage Operations.
Jaime Gibbs, Over 40 years experience, including 30 years as Chief Mechanic at Balboa Shipyard, with over 1,200 vessels attended.

José Leonardo Ramos Pérez, 9 years of experience in aeronautical maintenance processes, non-destructive testing, welder evaluation and welding work procedures, under the ASTM, ASME, AWS standards.

Carmen Veronica Briceño Otero, 2 years of experience in welding inspection and non-destructive testing, under the AWS, ASTM and ASME standards. Quality Management under the ISO 9001 standard. 6 years in logistics, processes and project coordination.

Gary José Camico Pinto, 11 years in inspection of welding work, non-destructive testing, inspection and validation of quality certificates of steel materials, hydrostatic testing, fabrication and assembly of pipes under the ASTM, ASME, AWS regulations.

Henry Gregorio González Urdaneta, 12 years in manufacturing and inspection of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, chillers, pipe spool. Welder qualification and welding procedures by ASTM, ASME and AWS.

Carlos Eduardo Isturiz Pérez, 13 years as Foreman, Supervisor and Inspector of Surface Preparation (Sand blasting, Grit Blasting, Water Blasting) and Application of Paint on surfaces, ferrous, non-ferrous, preparation and application of epoxy, non-epoxy coatings, polyurethane, epoxy - polyamide, zinc silicates. Inspection of surfaces by destructive tests such as Adhesion Test, Pull Off. Calculation of paint yields, according to the type of surface and method of application. Knowledge and development in the field of ISO 12944, AISC, NACE, ASME, SSPC standards.

Augusto Murillo Ureña, 5 years of knowledge of naval machinery in VLCC oil tankers, pumps, heat exchangers, refrigeration plant, boilers, purifiers, generators, turbines, 2 and 4 stroke internal combustion engines. Operation, planning and execution of equipment maintenance plans.

Daniel Ryan, Over 37 years experience, including 15 of those as Senior Paint Inspector for Jotun, International, Hempel and Chugoku Paints Manufacturer.
Carlos Umanzor, Over 30 years experience, including 20 years as Senior Chief Welder certified by ABS, Lloyds and Bureau Veritas.


Our Certifications

MEC Shipyards, has divided its Ship Repair Services on two areas, Underwater Ship Repairs, by means of the group organization Underwater Services S.A. and Above the Water Ship Repairs, by Marine Engineers Corporation (Panama) Inc, (aka MEC). Therefore the approvals for the two areas are divided by company.

Marine Engineers Corporation (Panama) Inc, works under Welding Procedure Specifications approved by the major IACS of the world. Its welders are approved on 6G, 4G and 3G welding positions with various IACS and are approved for Ship Repairs by the Panama Maritime Authority. The company quality ISO 2001: 2008 is being audited by DNV and is on the process to be certified.

  • MEC Shipyards ABS Certification
  • MEC Shipyards Bureau Veritas Certification
  • MEC Shipyards Lloyd's Register Certification

Underwater Services SA, is approved for In Due Dry Dock Underwater Video Inspections by all major IACS. Also works under a ISO 9001: 2008 quality system approved by ABS, and is approved member company of ADCI.

  • MEC Shipyards American Bureau of Shipping ABS Certification
  • MEC Shipyards Bureau Veritas Certification
  • MEC Shipyards Lloyd's Register Certification
  • MEC Shipyards ABS Quality Certification Evaluation
  • MEC Shipyards Det Norske Veritas DNV Certification
  • MEC Shipyards GL Certification
  • MEC Shipyards Germanisher Lloyds Certification
  • MEC Shipyards ADC Diver Certification

MECStores SA, is approved and registered partner of the main shipserv and ship catalogs organizations, namely ISSA and IMPA.

  • MEC Shipyards International Shipsuppliers & Services Association
  • MEC Shipyards Impa Catalog
  • MEC Shipyards MEC Panama
  • MEC Shipyards ShipServ
  • MEC Shipyards International Paints by Azko Nobel



Located at the entrance of the Panama Canal, on the Balboa Port Terminal, with over 12 hectares of Industrial Shipyard Facility, is the Main office of MEC SHIPYARDS.


With over 1.5 Hectares of Shipyard Facilities, at the Pacific Side of the Panama Canal, and with only 15 minutes from the Balboa Port Terminal and MEC Headquarters, is located at the small town of Veracruz, our slipway yard facility.


We have various safe and deep draft anchorage locations, where we can perform any Top Side Repairs.


On the Cristobal Inner Roads, with Panama Canal authorization we can offer Full Afloat Repair Services.

COLON 2000

A Panamax Lay By Berth available for emergency repairs at the Atlantic Entrance of the Manzanillo Bay.


MEC PANAMA is a corporation under the direction and control of a Corporate Governance. The rights and responsibilities among the different participants of the Corporation is established under a structure through which the objectives of the Board of Directors and Stakeholders are pursue, reflecting the context of the social, regulatory and market environment.

David Cohen
Over 25 years’ experience, Mechanical Engineer and Naval Architect with 25 experience on Structural Steel Repairs, Commercial Diving, Salvage, Shipyard and Afloat Repair Operations.
Aracelys De Cerezo
Over 20 years’ experience as Lead Auditor, including International Auditing Leading firms such as Deloitte. Is an active member of the Association of Women Counters Panama.



Shipyards Agent of Sales


Afloat Repairs Agent of Sales


Underwater Agent of Sales


Chandlering Agent of Sales