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Getting the right stores or materials for your regular Schedule vessel maintenance, is most of the time a complicate procedure on most of the ship managing companies. Basically a purchasing department needs to fulfill procedures where two or more suppliers will quote and deliver the IMPA or ISSA coded items requested by the vessel staff. However, a regular ship supplier or ship Chandler, does not have ship repair expertise and therefore the process becomes just a trading operation were in reality, is more complicate than that. Your vessel requires carrying on a repair and a maintenance that is only understood by technical staff. This staff is very well available on the shipyards, vessels and ship management companies, but not on regular ship chandlers. That is where MEC STORES is the most reliable alternative in Panama and Latin American Region, because you have Shipyard and Ship Repair staff sourcing for your vessel what is needed, and if it is not available, we will give you for sure an alternative solution.

So next time that you need EH 36 steel certified, Seamless Schedule 80 pipes, bolted zinc or aluminum anodes, grit, grating, hatch cover packing, etc..., you can rest assure that MEC STORES will know what you are talking about, and therefore you will only save money with our competitive prices, but also you will save thousands of dollars on time charter, because you will receive a solution.

And because we take care about our customer's crew, on an almost, complimentary basis, we source provisions and bonded stores, at the most competitive prices "guaranteed", because we own boats too, and we know that a happy crew gets an smooth operation and therefore a happy owner.


With a track record of over 12,000 vessels serviced, we can undoubtedly fulfill your requirements for fresh provisions, dry provisions, frozen foods, and special ethnic foods.

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With more than 2000 m2 of closed warehouse and over 2,850 different items, MECSTORES storage facility has all kinds of deck, engine and spare supplies for your vessel, from all around the world, tax free, and at the most competitive prices.

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